Hassle Free Online Giving for Churches

In spite of rapid advances in technology specifically designed for churches, church leaders still find it difficult to encourage online donations. They often think that their members only want to use cash or checks and are reluctant to use new technology. However, it has been revealed by independent experts that those who donate online find the option convenient and effective. They give more often, and more consistently. Plus, the simpler and faster your donation process online, the more online and total donations you will receive. It is vital to encourage your members to adopt this new giving process. Here are a few tips that you should follow to make your online giving process easy.

Add value

Make your home page appealing to the donors. It is the place where you actually introduce yourself and your church. Clarify your vision and the outreach programs you have designed, both on your homepage, and on your website generally. And remember, the most effective online donations come from churches who have their giving link prominently displayed on their homepage.

Use buttons that are easy to recognize

Create a donation button that would be recognizable from other important links on the home page. It is best to place a donation button on the top of your home page and on your other pages as well. Do not forget to highlight it with a different color, and a “Give” button with a border will make it stand out from other links. Whenever the donors come to the page to contribute, make sure that they are able to find the button quickly on every page of your website.

Make the donation process simple

Getting members and first-time donors to click your donation button is just winning half the battle. Whether your giving page looks like it is sponsored by you and how easily they can complete their donation will make a huge difference. Make sure that you do not complicate things.  The lesser the pages and clicks a person has to make in order to give, the more likely they will be to complete their donation. With the proper online giving system, members will be guided to consider a recurring donation, and invited to give an immediate donation, all on one webpage. If your members and donors find it easy to donate, they will come back in the future and be more likely to give however and whenever the Spirit moves them to support your church.


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