Increase Your Impact with Church Online Giving

People no longer keep a huge sum of cash or checks with them. Smart cards and ACH transactions have taken their place. People make most of their transactions this way. They are easier to carry and are lower risk than cash or checks. Because of this, offering the option of online donations for churches will be a great help for the giver who wants to donate using the method that is available to them. Not offering online giving in the 21st century is like not accepting checks in the 20th century.

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of church online giving:

No off Days:

You don’t have to wait to donate or send your gifts to the church. As soon as you are ready to make a commitment to give, you can through your church online giving page.  Online donations can happen anytime and anywhere. Whether it is during national holidays or events or the end of the year for last-minute tax deductible contributions, online services are always available. That makes it easier for both the giver and the church or ministry.

Gain More Visibility:

Social media has become a part of everyone’s life. According to a survey, almost 73% of the population of the US had an account on social media networks in 2015. Online giving systems can help your church gain more visibility and make the public aware of its mission. Through social media accounts, you can direct your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook followers to your church online giving page.

Increase in Receivings:

There is approximately a 10-30% increase in donations to those churches who have implemented a church online giving page. This is because people find it much easier to make donations online rather than using checks and cash.

Eliminating the differences:

There is a lower chance of people making donations to your church when they are sick or out of town. Church online giving systems have eliminated the gap between the giver and their church. People from miles away can send the gifts online without having to be there physically.

Easy Management:

Records are automatically maintained through online giving systems. Managing records manually take a lot of time and effort which can be reduced when a church accepts donations through a church online giving page. Your data is conveniently accessible, too. You will not have to dig through files in a store room to extract data about any giver from the past.

Advance Mode of Communications:

Church online giving pages can also serve as a mode of communication to your church member. When the church wants to communicate new programs or funds, like when a building fund program is needed, members can make their donation immediately through the church’s online giving system.

Church online giving systems increase donations, reduce the administrative burden, and help donors give anytime, anywhere, and more regularly. MORE Blessed is a non-profit organization that offers online giving pages to churches and other religious organizations. More than 25% of churches already offer online giving to their members. Only MORE Blessed offers custom online giving pages at half the cost, and no one is more secure, provides the same level of customer service, or has a vision of doubling global missions through technology. Join the MORE Blessed vision, and make things easier for you and your givers.


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