Leverage Facebook to Increase Members and Church Donations

To motivate new donors for your church, ask them to join the Facebook page of your church. Once you develop that connection, you will be able to spread the message of God and encourage them to contribute to the generous work being done by your church. Here are two quick but vital tips that you should follow in using Facebook to grow your church and promote online donations.

Reach out to donors personally

Make sure that the link to the Facebook page of your church is visible on your church website, as well as in other official emails that are used by the church administration. Do you know that Facebook itself offers multiple tools to integrate the Facebook page of your church within its website? There is another way to connect to your potential donors personally.  You can invite them to join an appropriate Facebook group that is administered by the church. From Bible study groups to young adult groups, you have many options. It can be anything that appeals to them and motivates them to get involved with your church.

Keep them engaged for a long period of time

Attracting new users of your Facebook page is not adequate. If you wish to appeal to them and get involved at a deeper level, you should continue producing interesting content for your Facebook page regularly. For example, you can import interesting posts from a blog of your church website, post special events, current news and other announcements associated with the church, and share videos and images from current church events.

Make sure that your Facebook page is updated regularly, and publish content that can be easily shareable. Don’t stop interacting with people who visit your page regularly, and encourage them to donate and fulfill God’s will of serving your community and the world through your church.


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