Leverage Pinterest to Connect to Your Online Donors

Think what you would do if you all had access to the biggest bulletin board in the world. It is a platform where you may be able to exchange ideas and pictures across the world. Why not get this type of capability from a popular social networking site called Pinterest? And for churches too, this social networking site offers a lot of opportunities to explore.

Unlike other social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter that are mostly driven by words, this social networking site is primarily driven by wonderful visuals. Like a huge bulletin board, you can ‘pin’ your favorite ideas and images. Your church can use images and captions to share its mission, increase online giving by potential donors, and spread the Gospel message.

Here are a few ways your church can use Pinterest to increase its online donations:

Wish to boost the donors for your church’s next fundraising event? Use this social platform to offer visual reminders. Use Pinterest in order to ‘pin’ a blog entry and any other post associated with the event.

Spread your message by recommending vital resources to the donors. Pinterest is often used by Pastors and church members to share books, music, websites, and other resources for their donors. You can also create boards for groups of your members like men, women, small group members, youth, and more.

Inspire the congregation with special boards that highlight inspiring quotes, images, and other things tied to your sermon series or weekly message. You can use these boards to share the mission and vision of your church on a regular basis. Doing this on a regular basis can motivate people to donate on a more regular basis.

Having problems staying in touch with your members when they are traveling or sick? Create special boards that allow them to update about how your message and visuals relate to them. They will appreciate the extra opportunity to fellowship.

Share stories and share the message of God

Has your church organized a campaign to motivate your members to give online? Share examples from your community. Did your church just complete an outreach project or volunteer day? Did the youth group return from its missions trip? Has your church developed a vibrant network of small groups? Champion the stories of what God is doing in your community by sharing photos through Pinterest.

Develop fresh themes for church events. Churches are using Pinterest to develop new themes and decoration ideas for events and activities from church retreats to VBS. Search under “DIY” and “craft” to create a board for Sunday school activities. One church outside of Denver, Colorado, is using Pinterest to design its volunteer appreciation dinner as a luau-themed barbecue.

Along with these capabilities, gone are the days when your members abandoned their donations. With the single giving page offered through MORE Blessed, what you call the donation ‘close rate’ will go up significantly. Our one page will help reduce the number of members that abandon their donations because they have to click through too many pages. Contributors who wish to donate from their mobile phone face even more challenges when they have to click through multiple pages. Tie your optimized giving page to your social media presence though sites like Pinterest, and watch your donations climb!


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